BCX Ultra Foot Detox Bath

Foot Detox Bath


Addittional Hardware

  • No Additional hardware required. This is a self containing unit.

  • This will connect to the BCX Ultra to allow frequencies to be run through the water simultaneously

We are now producing and selling our new foot bath machine. For some time we realized that using a foot bath after a Rife treatment was a very good method to disgorge the toxins built up from using the frequencies. In other words the herxes were greatly diminished. We have a woman who runs a whole clinic just using our frequency instruments and foot baths.


Our BCX Ultra Foot Bath is very easy to use in dialing up the time and intensity. We will be using titanium plates to reduce the release of oxidized metal in the water. Unfortunately, many people claim that all the scum that is visible in the foot bath after a person has taken a foot bath is garbage coming out of the body. Most of it is the oxidized metal that oxidized off the electrode from the electrolysis between the electrodes. Don’t believe us? Try running the foot bath without anyone using the unit and you will see pretty much the same color.

This isn’t to say that unwanted chemicals, heavy metals and other toxins aren’t being released when one is enjoying a foot bath.


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 This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.

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