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    BCX ULTRA Lite  $3895.00-

    electrodes $200 extra -hand cylinders + foot plates


Electrodes for the BCX ULTRA Lite

set for $200.00

        EXCITING FEATURES of the BCX ULTRA Lite units

  • 1236 Pre-programed channels for common issues

  • 255 channels for your own experimental frequencies

  • Frequency range 4,000,000 Hz (4MHz). with high power plasma tube

  • 4,000,000 MHZ with electrode delivery,

  • Also an exciting range of Wave forms including square, sine, & triangle

  • SWEEP & Chaining functions- for your advanced research.


  • FREE 15 minute consultation; to see if Frequencies may work for you.

  • $35/$45  shipping-Inside the US  - 85$ shipping to Canada -most international shipping $315.00---  

  • FREE complete training

  • FREE lifetime, unlimited support.

  • With 30 Years Experience in advancing "Rife Machine" radio frequency technologies for healing research, we look forward to working with you towards YOUR good health.

  • We offer a 3 year warranty – parts & labor on the BCX unit(does not include ray tubes) &

  • have a 60 day return policy + 10% restocking fee. 


   With almost 30 years of researching, developing and advancing  "Rife Machine" radio frequency technology,

WE are among the longest producing Rife machine manufacturers.


THE BCX ULTRA LITE is a high powered broadcast plasma tube and has hand & foot plate electrodes available  -THIS UNIT CAN NOT  run any other BCX accessories.

The BCX Ultra Lite is a broadcast device with a frequency range to 4MHz

( 4,000,000Hz) with both Plasma and electrode delivery.

The Ultra Lite has the same programs & the same programing capabilities as the BCX Ultra Deluxe.

The BCX Ultra Lite CAN NOT run Ray Tubes nor any of the other BCX accessories -Like- PEMF Matt - LED'S -Foot Bath

More about the BCX Ultra Lite


 The UltraLite is a High Power Plasma Carrier Modulator combined with a TENS Electrical Stimulator.

  The Plasma Beamtube produces light and electrical energy at Single and Multiple Frequencies, with or without Carrier Frequencies up to 4 MHz.

  The TENS Stimulator produces differential electrical current at Single and Multiple Frequencies, with or without Carrier Frequencies up to 4 MHz.

  The two systems operate together with their frequencies and pulses synchronized.

  Both systems have comprehensive waveforms and modulation options.

  Complete Controls provide programs with Sequences and Frequencies, Intensity Control, and Timers. With the BCX UltraLite, custom programs can be created.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS) is the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.TENS, by definition, covers the complete range of transcutaneously applied currents used for nerve excitation

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