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   BCX UNITS- use with the BCX Ultra and

STAND ALONE UNITS-- do  not need the BCX to operate.


PEMF ST and Concentrator.jpg

Model: PEMF-ST (standalone model with internal programs)    Produces magnetic High Power, Low Duty Cycle PULSES   

Works with BCX Mat and new MPC Magnetic Pulse Concentrator   

Frequency Range: 1-100Hz  

  Waveform Type: Pulses (107us),Alternating Polarity   

Power: 50 millijoules per pulse Max. 

   Gauss- Mat: 47 Gauss   

Gauss- MPC: 350 Gauss

Model: PEMF-Ultra (for use with BCX Ultra) also available needs the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.

  Model: BCX BEP-ST (standalone model with internal programs)
  Produces magnetic Low Power, High Duty Cycle WAVES
  Works with BCX Mat and MFC Magnetic Field Concentrator
  Frequency Range: 10-10,000Hz
    Waveform Types: All Ultra types
    Power: 20 Watts Max.
    Gauss- Mat: 4.7 Gauss Max.
  Gauss- MFC: 18 Gauss Max.


  Model: BCX BEP (for use with BCX Ultra) also available needs the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.

BCX-BEP & Concentrator
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