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Frequency Generator  Advanced Accessories

These accessories require the BCX ULTRA Basic Unit to function.
They WILL NOT work with the BCX ULTRA Lite or on their own.


  IF YOU Have Questions About "Rife" Frequency

Generators?or Accessories? If you have questions about the difference in the BCX Ultra Rife units.

We understand that choosing the right frequency generator can be confusing.  

Contact Us and we will do our best to answer all of your questions     1-800-936-6240

FREE 15 minute consultation; to see if Frequencies may work for you. ----   FREE complete training

THE BCX Ultra and  the versatile Bio Electric Pulsar.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Mat   (PEMF)

Bio Electric Pulser w/ PEMF Body Mat +Concentrator and Controller    $1120.00                           MORE  INFO

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  •  4MHz Plasma Beam Tube  -  BT-HFPCM2 High Frequency-1Hz to 4MHz     ****Cost: $2,995.00

       Requires the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.


The output intensity for ANY spherical radiating device is specified by what is referred to as the Inverse-Square Law Intensity = Power / (4 x PI x Radius^2) THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL BEAM TUBES NO MATTER HOW MUCH POWER THEY MAY HAVE

Example:  Power at 1 ft = X

Power at 2 ft = X/4

Power at 3 ft = X/9

Power at 4 ft = X/16

Power at 5 ft = X/25

In other words, you have 1% of the power at 10 feet away that you have from 1 foot away.

Even at 1,000 ft and more there is still some power, although very small. Without knowing what the desired power level is, you can't specify an Output Range. If you are interested in maximum power, you want the shortest distance possible. Period. This is a law of Physics and is the SAME FOR ALL BEAM TUBES on the market.

  •  4MHz Plasma Beam Tube  -  BT-HFPCM2 High Frequency-1Hz to 4MHz     ****Cost: $2,995.00

       Requires the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.


 Beam Tube Generates Plasma discharge and minor Electric Field Operating frequency:1Hz to 4 MHz Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.) Variable Intensity Power:125 microjoules/pulse   (96 watts @ 4.00 MHz)

  •  This is OUR MOST powerful out put to date.

  •  Tube Type: Phanatron Tube


Purchase in package combined with BCX ULTRA $5595.00


***Additional Hardware:

Complete handheld accessories kit: $400
(includes ray tubes, metal cylinders, metal foot plates

all wires & gel pads)


  •  We suggest buying the complete package BCX Ultra+ Beam tube with all accessories for

  •    $5395.00 (as shown above)


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STANDARD LED WAND - Cost $110.00 Each Color+

ship US $15 UPS     38 Canada   $ 58INT

  • Wavelength for colored LED’s ranges from long (infrared), to short (ultraviolet). White is a mixture of colors centered around a middle (color temperature).

  • Luminous Intensity is the most accurate indicator of LIGHT INTENSITY.

  • Beam width and Focal plane define the distance from the light source where the light is most even.

  • Luminous flux takes into account the area over which the light at a given intensity is spread, and is the best representation of the QUANTITY OF LIGHT emitted.

  • Power in watts is a poor representation of the light output. It actually only shows the electrical consumption of the device.


Ultra High Power LED Wands

Cost $ 275.00 Each Color+ship US $15 UPS   

 $ 38 Canada --$58INT

**Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW530A (Green) Wavelength 530 nm Intensity 435 Lumens

***Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW626A (Red) Wavelength 626 nm Intensity 255 Lumens

**Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW470A (Blue) Wavelength 470 nm Intensity 174 Lumens


  Ultra HP LED Wands output roughly 40 times that of the standard Ultra LED wands and pulse at 1mhz, 1.25mhz, and 1.67mhz. The standard LED wand won’t pulse above 100khz.

NASA released a paper on healing benefits of LEDs


Cost $190/pair

or $95 each (if you only need one)
+ shipping

For Use w/ BCX ULTRA only

  • Plasma Carrier Modulator (AC Radio Frequencies (RF)

  • Conduction

  • Electromagnetic (EM)

  • Electric Field (E-Field)

  • Ultra-red (UR)

  • Visible & Ultra-violet (UV) Light


Standard Electrode Accessories

    Cost $ 200.00
For Use w/ BCX ULTRA or


Electric Conduction Device

  • Metal Hand Cylinders

  • Metal Foot Plates

  • Gel Pads


 BCX ULTRA DELUXE  Facial Rejuvenation

   Cosmetic Electrotherapy,

  High Powered LED and Frequency System

 2-HP-LEDS & wands $585.00


 Microcurrent Therapy w the BCX Ultra

BCX Ultra Microcurrent Accessories delivers professional results for your body’s different tissue type have their own signature electrical frequencies, which can be disrupted by diseases or injuries. Microcurrent therapy restores the cells’ frequencies, resulting in improvements in inflammation, pain and healing. Microcurrent therapy increases in the cells’ ATP, which is the energy that fuels all biochemical functions in the human body. Microcurrent therapy can also increase protein synthesis, which is needed for tissue repair. Increase in blood flow and decrease in inflammation then reduces pain and spasms, as well as increased range of motion and functionality. Promotes growth of new healthy cells and stimulates the immune system. It also can promote DNA synthesis activation of T-Lymphocytes, Insulin Binding, Calcium Channel Opening, and Fibroblastic Activation.

How to increase ATP production in the mitochondria by 500%

Setting the BCX Ultra intensity between 2 and 33 will give you 50 uA to 1,000 uA using the BCX Ultra electrodes. A famous study shows Microcurrent frequencies can increase ATP production in the mitochondria by 500%. It is often quoted by microcurrent enthusiasts. Here’s a link to the original study in case it is of interest to you:

Here is a very brief summary of what was found: “it was demonstrated that ATP production increased five times with currents from 50 uA to 1000 uA. With currents exceeding 1000 uA, which is the milliamp range, ATP production leveled, and with 5000 uA ATP production was reduced slightly. Microcurrent was also shown to increase protein synthesis and amino acid

Potential Benefits:

 Reduce Pain

Reduce Fibromyalgia

 Dramatically Increased Healing

 Reduce Headaches

 Decrease Neuropathy



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