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The healing benefits of LED light can be combined with the BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife machine with a flexible frequency range

to provide many healthful applications. 


NASA released a paper on healing benefits of LEDs



STANDARD LED WAND - Cost $110.00 Each Color

  • Wavelength for colored LED’s ranges from long (infrared), to short (ultraviolet). White is a mixture of colors centered around a middle (color temperature).

  • Luminous Intensity is the most accurate indicator of LIGHT INTENSITY.

  • Beam width and Focal plane define the distance from the light source where the light is most even.

  • Luminous flux takes into account the area over which the light at a given intensity is spread, and is the best representation of the QUANTITY OF LIGHT emitted.

  • Power in watts is a poor representation of the light output. It actually only shows the electrical consumption of the device.


Ultra High Power LED Wands

Cost $ 275.00 Each Color

**Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW530A (Green) Wavelength 530 nm Intensity 435 Lumens

***Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW626A (Red) Wavelength 626 nm Intensity 255 Lumens

**Ultra High Power LED Wand Model HW470A (Blue) Wavelength 470 nm Intensity 174 Lumens


  Ultra HP LED Wands output roughly 40 times that of the standard Ultra LED wands and pulse at 1mhz, 1.25mhz, and 1.67mhz. The standard LED wand won’t pulse above 100khz.

NASA released a paper on healing benefits of LEDs

A-BCX-send out-NEW-facial Toning Picture

FACE LIFT Accessories

requires the BCX Ultra to operate

includes :

Red High Power LED

Blue High Power LED

and hand held electrodes

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