BCX ULTRA Deluxe $2695.00- SALE 5% OFF $2560.00 BCX Ultra Deluxe -only $2425.00 with cash

sale ends 10/31-20

   comes with everything you need to get started.

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 Help protect YOUR family's good health.

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SALE 5% OFF BCX Ultra Deluxe -only $2425.00 with cash

sale ends 10/31-20


  • 1236 Pre-programed channels for common issues

  • 255 channels for your own experimental frequencies

  • Frequency range 100,000 Hz. with plasma tubes

  • 4,000,000 MHZ with electrode delivery,

  • Also an exciting range of Wave forms including square,sine, & triangle

  • SWEEP & Chaining functions- for your advanced research.


  • FREE 15 minute consultation; to see if Frequencies may work for you. FREE shipping ----   FREE complete training

  • FREE lifetime, unlimited support.

  • Bioelectrics will MATCH any qualified price quote & ALL Sale

       Prices on the BCX Equipment.

  • With 22 Years’ Experience in advancing "Rife" radio frequency technologies for healing research, we look forward to working with you towards YOUR good health.

  • We offer a 3 year warranty – parts & labor on the BCX unit & have a 60 day return policy + 10% restocking fee. 

       Bioelectrics will MATCH any qualified price quote and

           ALL SALE prices on the BCX Equipment.

With 25 years of researching, developing and advancing "Rife" radio frequency technology,WE are among the longest producing Rife machine manufacturers.


          BCX ULTRA Lite  $3695.00-

            electrodes $200 extra

       information on the ULTRA Lite here

The High Powered 4MHz Plasma Beam Tube Requires the      BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.(as pictured)     $4545.00 

   (hand held accessories $400.00 extra)

   SALE 5% OFF $3315.00 -Cash discount 5% available

        (ends 10/31/20 

  BCX ULTRA DELUXE with PEMF MAT package  $3490.00-

      PEMF INFO 


 The 4MHz Plasma Beam Tube-Our most POWERFUL output.

     BT- HFPCM2 High Frequency-1 Hz to 4 MHz   

             ****Cost: $2,665.00

  • Requires the BCX Ultra Deluxe to operate.(as pictured)

 Beam Tube Generates Plasma discharge and minor

 Electric Field .

  • Operating frequency:1Hz to 4 MHz Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.) Variable Intensity Power:125 microjoules/pulse 

  •  (96 watts @ 4.00 MHz) Our most powerful output to date.

  • Tube Type: Phanatron Tube

     Purchased in a package combined with

              BCX ULTRA    $4595.00

  •     Additional Hardware:

Complete handheld accessories kit: $400
(includes ray tubes, metal cylinders, metal foot plates & gel pads)

     We suggest buying the complete package with   accessories for $4945.00 (as shown above)



  • 5%Discount with CASH sales  on ALL BCX units

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  • We offer a 3 year warranty – parts & labor on the BCX unit & a 60 day return+ 10% restocking fee.


   Frequency Technology has now been Validated by many, this "Rife" Frequency Research Technology can be used for experimental research purposes on  pathogens and other  metabolic deficiencies like PAIN, Arthritis, Fungus, Viruses, Candida,  Migraines, Infections, Herpes, Lyme Disease, Depression, Kidney  Insufficiency, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Liver Congestion and is for use on Various Health Conditions & Deficiencies.

  This “electronic antibiotic system” is rapid, painless and FREE of Side Effects.  It has been said “it’s like plugging in an immune system”. There are literally 1000s of testimonials  by individuals, who have used this electronic therapy successfully to experiment on health conditions & deficiencies.

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  With 22 years experience working with Frequency healing technology and a lifetime in healing alternatives..The BCX Instrument is one of the most Powerful Healing Tools we have ever experienced!    

 Judy is a gifted intuitive and researcher who can help you find optimal  frequencies for your healing process, offering intuitive consultations and readings to help you determine the BEST frequencies for your issues. Judy Erwin is the owner of

 Bio Electrics for Health. With over 40 years involvement in alternative healing modalities and 22 years experience with the Rife technology (Rife Machine), Judy is at the top in her field for transformation through frequency waves. She was instrumental in the development of the BCX ULTRA..

  We look forward to working with you towards your good health.  ABOUT


  Shift your Frequency and Transform your health! Start today

 Can Specific Light & Sound Vibrations Eliminate

      the Microbes that are Making You Sick?

   Imagine, for a moment, that you have spent more than two decades in painfully laborious research and have discovered an incredibly simple, electronic approach to eliminating literally every disease on the planet caused by viruses, fungus and bacteria. Indeed, it is a discovery that could end the pain and suffering of countless millions and change life on Earth forever. Certainly, the medical world would rush to embrace you with every imaginable accolade and financial reward imaginable. You would think so, wouldn’t you?        READ MORE

     "Unorthodox yet effective radio frequency technology, pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife in the early 20th century, has slowly been breaking the choke hold of the monolithic corporate drug industry. Frequency technology often can provide a noninvasive, safe and effective alternative to drugs, chemicals and surgery. I know this from personal experience over a period of more than 15 years. The use of frequencies literally has saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills and pharmaceuticals. And no one understands the uses and successes of this technology better than Judy Erwin, who has fought a lifelong battle against a variety of medical maladies.”


Jim Marrs was a former American newspaper journalist and author of four New York Times Best Sellers on government and corporate conspiracies. Learn more about Jim and his research by visiting his website: http://jimmarrs.com

Jim Marrs- A Dear Friend 1943-2017  website: http://jimmarrs.com/

   "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think

 in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration."

                                                       "Dr. Nikola Tesla"

   Charge Your Body and Cells with the Right   

     Frequencies  and You Can Prevent Disease!

   With 25 years of researching, developing and advancing "Rife" radio frequency technology working with doctors, clinics, practitioners, scientist,researchers and engineers.WE are among the longest producing Rife machine manufacturers offering the BEST in 21st Century”Rife” Radio Frequency Plasma technology with the Advanced BCX Ultra Deluxe Rife Frequency Device and

(former models BCX 211, BCX 411, Biotec 2000),

  •  We offer a 3 year warranty  parts & labor on all BCX units & a 60 day return with 10% restocking fee.

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   With 25 years in frequency healing.. We look forward to working with you towards your good health.

      *** SHIFT YOUR FREQUENCY *** TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH !    1-800-936-6240

      Bioelectrics will MATCH any qualified price quote and ALL SALE prices on the BCX Equipment.

    DISCLAIMER This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease or condition. It is for experimental research only     and we make  NO claims stated or implied .--PLEASE Note-If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional  immediately.

 This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.

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