DISCLAIMER – This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease or condition. It is for experimental research only and we make NO claims stated or implied PLEASE Note –
If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional  immediately. This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.
DISCLAIMER – This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease or condition. It is for experimental research only and we make NO claims stated or implied PLEASE Note –
If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional  immediately. This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.

 "If you want to find the secrets of the universe,think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration"
                                                                                                                                           Dr. Nikola Tesla
      Charge Your Body and Cells with the Right Frequencies and You Can Prevent Disease
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    For over 20 years we have manufactured some of the finest" Rife type frequency technology devices" Available and we have been involved with healing alternatives for more than 35 years.
The BCX  frequency Instrument is one of the
most Powerful Healing Tools we have ever experienced ! *  website contents and images ©2007 BioElectricsforHealth
THE ADVANCED BCX ULTRA is truly amazing with it's

*** 1236 Preprogrammed channels for many common conditions
*** 255 channels to program with your own frequencies.
*** Frequency plasma tubes with a range up to 100,000 Hz
*** Electrode delivery with a range up to 4MHz,(4,000,000)  
*** An exciting range of Wave forms..square, sine, triangle
and more to assist with the most advanced research
(learn more)
 THE BCX BASIC unit  retail $2695.00
                  $2560.00 w/cash
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MST Mon-Fri. 10am to 6pm or   Email us
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THREE  year warranty & 60 day return with a 10% restock fee.
**Bioelectrics for Health will provide the VERY BEST in
life time ,unlimited customer support.
***Bioelectrics will MATCH any qualified price quote and
ALL SALE prices on the BCX Equipment. With 20 years
teaching about frequency and heath, We look forward
to working with you towards your good health.

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The Exciting new BCX Ultra Lite
This unit is a stand-alone unit combining the BCX Ultra   
unit & the HFPCM2 High Powered beam tube in to 1 unit
with ability to run electrodes (metal footplates, metal cylinders,
& gel pads,**sold separately).
The ULTRA LITE  runs exactly  like the BCX Ultra unit
and with the same specs BCX Ultra LITE Unit with BT-HF
PCM2 Beam Tube:(110v-220v, 4Mhz,150w, Noble Gas) DVD,
3 yr warranty, 60 day return
Standard Hand-Held Accessories are EXTRA
ONLY   $3,695.00 -
   5% CASH- discount available
ADD Standard Hand-Held Accessories
EXTRA+ Std Electrode accessories ( 1 pair each
metal cylinders,metal foot plates, gel pads)
Validated by many, this Frequency Research
Technology can  be used for experimental  
metabolic deficiencies like
PAIN, Arthritis,
Fungus, Virus, Candida,  Migraines,  
Infections, Herpes, Lyme disease,  
Depression, Kidney  Insufficiency, Lupus,
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue,
Liver Congestion
& is for use on Various
Health Conditions & Deficiencies..

Jim Marrs.com

“Unorthodox yet effective radio frequency
technology, pioneered by Royal Raymond
Rife in the early 20th century, has slowly
been breaking the choke hold of the
monolithic corporate drug industry.
Frequency technology often can provide a
noninvasive, safe and effective
alternative to drugs, chemicals and
surgery. I know this from personal years.
The use of frequencies literally has saved
me thousands of dollars in medical bills
and pharmaceuticals. And no one
understands the uses and successes of
this technology better than Judy Erwin,
who has fought a lifelong battle against a
variety of medical maladies.”   
Jim Marrs, Author of four New York Times
Best Sellers on government and corporate
If you are suffering, you can turn your
health around and enjoy life again
regardless of your condition.

Learn how YOU can Get Well
Stay Well and **FEEL GOOD again!
Learn how You can start today!
DISCLAIMER – This technology is not intended to prevent, diagnosis, treat or cure any disease or condition. It is for experimental research only and we make NO claims stated or implied!
        ** PLEASE Note – If you are ill or in poor health, see you health care professional  immediately. This device is for your own experimental research purposes only.
BioElectrics is Proud to represent the BCX Ultra and  WHITMAN TECHNOLOGY  - THE MANUFACTURER of THE BCX ULTRA  Rife Machine. With 20yrs.  Researching &        
manufacturing Rife Type Machines-designing the BCX Ultra and it's predecessors BCX-211& BCX-411 Biotec 2000),As one of the oldest frequency instrument manufacturers in
the world, we have had more time to dial it in, fine tune   and learn how to make exciting improvements on this amazing technology.
The Advanced BCX ULTRA Radio Frequency Plasma Ray Tube brings Rife-type radio frequency instrumentation into the 21st Century with unequalled
precision and performance.  
Whitman technology is TOTALLY committed to research & development please contact one of our  qualified distributors.
I have over 35 yrs in alternatives of all types and have worked  
closely with this company for almost 20 yrs now ,working daily with
the BCX 211&411 & the Biotec 2000. I own and work with the   
New BCX Ultra  daily and
was involved in the development
of this unit.
.Bioelectrics provides VERY strong customer   
support to help with your  learning process..
THANK YOU for visiting BioElectrics for Health
I look forward to  
working with you  towards your good health.
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  foot bath info

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Judy is a gifted intuitive &
researcher who can assist
in finding frequency for your
healing process for intuitive
click here
It is important to realize that the devices currently on the market  are
NOT classic "Rife Ray Machines" as described in the popular press
there are none of  those devices currently on the market, and if they
were, their use would need to be restricted  to well-screened and
grounded metallic-screen rooms to prevent Radio-Frequency
It's a MUCH different world now than it was in the 1930's !
      NO one would want 1930's technology..
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Bioelectrics for Health will provide the VERY BEST
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All BCX Ultra units are DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED in the USA
The BCX Ultra units are all  DESIGNED & MANUFACTURED in the USA

BT-HF PCM2 (Beam Tube- Plasma Carrier Modulator)
Generates Plasma discharge and minor Electric Field
Operating frequency: 1Hz to 4 MHz
Wave Form: (square, sine, etc.) Variable Intensity
Power: 125 microjoules/pulse (150 watts @ 4.00 MHz)
Requires the BCX Ultra to run this bulb  

Tube Type: Phanatron Tube
Addtl HW: connects to BCX Ultra
Cost: $2675.00 for Bulb
OUR MOST powerful out put to date. Requires the BCX
ULTRA to operate combined with BCX Ultra  $4545.00
to add extra std. hand-held accessories $400=
Hand Ray tubes ,metal cylinders & foot plates
The BCX Ultra  20 + years of Fine Instruments
BCX 211 and 411 Ray tube
and the BioTec 2000 our   First Ray tube unit
1-800-936-6240       Email us  
1-800-936-6240      Email us  
BCX Ultra Foot Bath   The most advanced ionic detoxification system

Detoxification through the largest organ of the body, the skin, can be traced back
thousands of years to  Eastern Indian traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, and ancient
Rome.  Both cultures used a system of healing that employed salt water baths to draw
out impurities from the body.  Today, we build on this time-tested principle of healing
through salt water baths and incorporate ionization.  Through sophisticated quality
instruments, like the BCX Ultra Foot Bath, we too can achieve the health benefits like
our ancestors, yet in a shorter period of time, and often with dramatic results.  Our feet
have over 7200 nerve endings and 200 sweat glands along with a system of many
arteries and veins which cross paths in the feet.  These factors make the feet a natural
gateway for the disposal of waste products.
Detoxification through Foot Baths assists the body to:
Excrete heavy metals                                      Reduce inflammation
Balance pH levels                                           Enhance the immune system         

BCX Ultra Foot Bath instrument is the most advanced ionic foot bath on the market
today.  It is designed for health care professionals and clinics, yet user friendly and
suitable for home use. It can be utilized as a stand-alone unit, or interfaced with the
BCX Ultra.  This is the only unit in the world that has the capability to interface the time-
honored tradition of foot baths with the power of Rife frequencies. Incredible, but true!  
Enjoy a foot bath while running detox frequencies on the BCX Ultra.  These
complementary therapies provide a means to disgorge toxins thereby diminishing the

The BCX Ultra Foot Bath is available with stainless steel or premium titanium
electrodes.  Standard electrodes produce the characteristic scum and discolored water,
typical of foot bath units.  The noticeable change in the color of the water is not
detoxified cellular waste and impurities. This is a misconception.  It is a result of oxidized
metals released from stainless steel electrodes during electrolysis.  Our premium,
titanium electrodes, exclusive to the BCX Ultra Foot Bath, practically eliminates the
discharge of oxidized metals.  The result…. foot bath water remains relatively free of
unwanted heavy metals.  After all, do you want to absorb metals, the very toxins you are
trying to excrete?

Capitalize on your largest detoxification pathway- the skin.  Rebalance the body; relieve
muscle strain, and increase performance and quality of life.

Proudly made and serviced in the U.S.A. We offer one of the best warranties in the
business, by the longest lived manufacture of Rife
equipment!                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Retail
Price: $1295.00  stainless --  $1340.00 Titanium

Pulsed Electro Magnetic therapy can be a safe and
non-invasive way to effectively treat acute and chronic
pain as well as rheumatic disorders including arthritis,
fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis.
PEMF can help promote healing of soft tissue injuries,
inflammatory joints, delayed and non-union fractures, and
improves circulation and cellular metabolism. In order for
PEMF therapy to be effective at a physiological level, the
electromagnetic signal has to be strong enough to
penetrate deep inside cells and bones .WE offer one of
the strongest magnetic fields available.
Requires the BCX Ultra    retail   $2695.00 to run the
PEMF Matt. matt only $1020.00
discounted as a package- BCX + Matt   = $3450.00
BCX Ultra basic &
                                      PEMF Matt
                                     retail  $3450.00
                                    Concentrator EXTRA
BT-HF PCM2 - Phanatron Tube
Requires the BCX ULTRA -both units $4545.00

hand held accessories
***Extra $400=Hand Ray tubes,metal cylinders
& foot plates
BCX & BEAM TUBE total $4945.00
  5% OFF BCX    
   Ultra basic
and many of our  
 please call or   
  email for   
Rife Radio frequency plasma machien 4MHZ powerful easy to use