The advanced BCX ULTRA
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      The NEW BCX ULTRA is truly amazing, with its
*** 1236 Preprogrammed channels for many common conditions
*** 256 channels to program with your own frequencies.
*** Frequency plasma tubes with a range up to 100,000 Hz.
*** Electrode delivery with a range up to 100,000 Hz,   
*** An exciting range of Wave forms…square, sine, triangle
  and more to assist with the most advanced research
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Judy has developed an EXCLUSIVE frequency service and sets .
A summary of  weaknesses in many so called “RIFE Machines”..

  Please understand  to the best of our current knowledge
NO ONE makes & sells “Original Rife” equipment or machines
           contrary to the many claims being made.

       •        Complicated and confusing to program & use
       •        Keyboard works poorly- hard to press, double entries
       •        Many have software and hardware problems
       •        No way to re-run a program unless stored to memory
       •        Time not programmable into program
       •        Poor electrical performance
       •        Problems with multiple run frequencies
       •        Poor Square wave waveform resulting in bad harmonic performance
       •        Unbalanced output resulting in un-symmetrical delivered power

The premise of many so called “ RIFE” machines is their claim that they can directly generate the highest
Rife frequencies electrically through conduction rather than by means of a ray tube. Although they can
generate the frequencies conductively, their system does NOT deliver the same types of energies. Ray
tubes deliver a broad spectrum of energies, ranging from infrared, to electromagnetic fields, to
electrostatic fields, to conductive electron flow (plain old electricity), to light in the visible spectrum and
beyond. The only energy most “Rife machines” deliver is plain old electricity.

Although the manufacturers of “Rife type” devices attempt to argue otherwise, it is categorically true that
“Skin Effect” prevents high frequency electron flow (plain old electricity) from penetrating deeply into ANY
electrically conductive material. The higher the frequency, the shallower the penetration. At frequencies
above 1MHz, skin effect will limit penetration to a fraction of an inch.

A serious problem with many so called “ RIFE” machines is poor Square wave signal quality. A Square
wave generates a predictable series of odd order harmonic frequencies with an accurate energy balance.
The closer the Square wave is to perfect, the more accurate the harmonics are. Low Rise and fall time is
the most difficult element to achieve in a Square wave. A perfect Square wave has a rise time of zero, so
the lower the rise and fall is, the better the Square wave and thus the harmonics are.
BCX Ultra/BCX411:       150nsec from 1 to 100KHz, 1MHz, 1.25MHz, 1.67MHz

                    About Custom Waveforms and Custom Modulation:
A fundamental difference between the BCX Ultra and most other Rife type devices is the way that they
generate waveforms. Many units use a DSP (digital synthesizing processor) which, by nature, is only
capable of generating Square waves. By using filtering techniques, the circuit is capable of approximate
Sine wave ne wave by “rounding off Square wave re wave. This is, of course, not particularly accurate,
meaning that the purity of Sine wave is compromised and most machines have NO sine waves..

The BCX Ultra uses entirely different electronics. It contains 3 separate Microprocessors each of which
creates an “Arbitrary Waveform”. Arbitrary Waveforms are exact and pure creations of natural occurring
and incidental occurring waveforms. Examples of  waveforms are Sin natural occurring e, Square,
Triangle, Exponential, and Linear. An example of an incidentally occurring waveform is the Hoyland
Waveform. The BCX Ultra faithfully reproduces the waveform that Hoyland generated using a complex
array of apparatus. If fact, the Hoyland Waveform in the Ultra was created by digitizing an actual copy of
Hoyland’s test data. Another example of Arbitrary Waveforms are the Ultra’s Odd Order Harmonic and
Even Order Harmonics waveforms. The Odd Order Harmonic Waveform produces a fundamental, and the
3’rd, 5’th, and 7’th harmonics is perfect harmonic proportion. The Even Order Harmonic Waveform
produces a fundamental, and the 2’nd, 4’th, and 6’th harmonics in perfect harmonic proportion.

With Arbitrary Waveforms, the Ultra can produce ANY waveform imaginable- accurately, and perfectly.
Harmonics can only be generated accurately and correctly if the fundamental waveform is accurate.
The BCX Ultra contains 3 Arbitrary Waveform generators, which when combined together
      can produce an un-imaginable combination.
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Please note This product and or information is for research purposes only and is not intended to prevent,
diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
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BCX ULTRA Control Module
D.C. Power Supply
Two Argon Glass Tube Electrodes
Rubber Skin Electrodes - 1 pair
Stainless-Steel Hand Electrodes - 1 pair
Stainless-Steel Foot Electrodes - 1 pair
Comprehensive Operating Instructions
Frequency Manual
Instructional Video
Carrying/Storage Case
One year warranty on parts & labor
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