The Latest in Frequency Technology  BCX-211
      Introducing an extraordinary new fully-programmable energy      
              research instrument
A major breakthrough in frequency technology, the BCX-211 is built with the very
highest  standards for the professional scientific research community.  This is NOT
just another off-the-shelf frequency generator but is instead an entirely new
solid-state instrument.  The BCX-211 is the result of many years of intensive
laboratory research  This brings frequency instrumentation into the 21st century with
unequaled precision and performance.  Scores of scientists and researchers have
validated the effectiveness of this paradigm-changing brilliance and now you can
participate and share in that same technology.  The future is here.  Now.
           BCX -211 Features and Compatibilities
     ·          In a major advance over other frequency devices, the BCX-211 has
                        qualified for UL listing "544 Patient Connected" for researchers.
   ·                 Innovative circuitry to produce a very rapid rise time for harmonic-rich impulses.
 ·               Memorizes your favorite frequency sequences so you can automatically run them anytime.
·            Infinite push-button tuning with fraction of a Hz increments below 10,000 Hz. and a 40,000 Hz            
      capability.  A researcher can therefore tune the BCX-211 to ANY frequency or fraction thereof for the        
      most precise investigative work possible.  This is also extremely important because of the many new             
      proven frequencies now becoming available.  Many other units are pre-programmed and will not allow         
      you to select any new frequencies.
·       The BCX-211 can also be pulsed if desired.  It has been determined that pulsing is more advantageous  
               for longer periods due to the subjects compensations during a non-pulsed or steady frequency input.
 This product is for research purposes only and is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat       
or cure any disease.
            The ability to raise and sustain a 60 volt output, peak-to-peak, without using a transformer.  A transformer   
                 cuts out the high harmonics that are so essential to this technology.
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